Our Beliefs

We believe that:

    • The way forward is to create alternatives to current systems rather than trying to reform them.
    • The past does not determine the future – the choice is much wider than the binary of capitalism vs socialism, (e.g. a collaborative commons.)
    • Local communities can create their own alternatives without having to defer to external expertise or ‘authority’.
    • Local communities can become more adaptable, self-reliant, and less dependent on money, large corporations or centralized governments.
    • The focus should be on local production for local needs.
    • Everyone has a voice and should be able to contribute to decisions affecting their lives.
    • To build on the strengths that exist in neighbourhoods and communities is more productive than labelling them in terms of their needs and deficiencies.
    • Equitable opportunities should exist for all individuals to reach their potential regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, social class, or religion.