TheĀ Community Exchange Alliance is a grouping of platforms that promote the use of moneyless exchange methods. These platforms are designed to operate at the community level to reduce social exclusion and promote resilience. Now a federation of some of the largest software platforms, which power many local currencies around the world, is seeking to provide such tools to millions more people.

Because the global economy is highly centralised, unstable, and extractive, whole communities need to pull together and reconfigure how they produce, distribute and consume resources. We want to provide a decentralised infrastructure for local community organising, including local currencies and other coordination tools. Poorer communities in developing countries, in particular, have much to gain from these systems. Because of the growing economic and social disruption caused by economic depression and collapse, we believe there is no time to waste.

We use different types of money and exchange systems that directly advance shared values and reduce the disparities that have been created by an exclusive reliance on the present monetary system.