TimeBanks USA was formed in 1995 by the founder of TimeBanking, Dr Edgar S. Cahn. As the original “home” of timebanking, our mission has been to build a timebanking movement worldwide consisting of independent local timebanking initiatives that are dedicated to building stronger, more resilient communities with an emphasis on social justice. At one time the sole hub of a small network of timebanks in the US, we are now one among equals of many different national, sub-national and international timebanking hubs – and happily so!

A key part of our work has been to spread the five core values of timebanking which Edgar Cahn laid out in his book, No More Throw-Away People, and to advocate for Co-Production as a framework for nonprofits and governments seeking to address social needs. Co-Production calls for the recipients of programs to be understood as essential, valued partners in defining the program’s outcomes and goals and in taking the steps needed to achieve those outcomes.

As part of our ongoing commitment to support timebanks and our partners to advance timebanking, we continue to offer Community Weaver timebanking software– now in its third version. We recently redesigned our two-day timebanking training as Gathering With A Purpose, and in addition offer keynotes and presentations by timebanking founder and TBUSA CEO Edgar Cahn; individualized consultation; teleconference calls; and access to numerous resources and research in the field of timebanking.