Our Values (code of ethics)

We value:

    • Co-operation and self-organizing
    • Mutuality and reciprocity
    • Sharing what we have
    • Caring and respect for others
    • Resilience and interdependence
    • Openness and transparency
    • Justice and equality
    • Personal and social responsibility
    • Respect for dissent

The injustices and disparities we seek to address

    • The denial of basic human rights and freedoms such as choosing who will govern, the right to live peaceably and safely with others, and to be free from harassment.
    • The withholding of basic needs like food, housing, healthcare and education unless one has money to pay for them.
    • The discounting by the monetary system of human values and actions, such as kindness and caring for others.
    • The failure to value the contribution of all people and the advancement of common decency.
    • The undervaluing of the work of building home, family, neighborhood and community.
    • Using low-wages, debt and charity to create dependency and subordination.
    • An exploitative economy that runs primarily for the benefit of the moneyed elite.
    • The monopolistic use of money, from which undue influence and power are derived.
    • The strip-mining of economic, social and ecological resources from our local, city, regional or national communities in the pursuit of profit.
    • Marginalisation on the basis of differences, such as ethnicity, gender, age, social class, disability, sexual orientation, immigrant status, national origin, and religion.
    • Data mining and surveillance by governments and tech giants for the purposes of control.
    • The privatisation of money and anonymous forms of exchange, such as cash in our pockets.